Introducing SmartSites Online

Introducing SmartSites Online

February 12, 2015

SmartSites Online is a project that I co-founded that involves creating modern, clean, mobile-friendly websites that won't break your budget.

The Australian small business scene is huge. For almost 5 years I've been working with small to medium businesses and helping them get professional, lead-generating websites online for their startup or established businesses. After doing this for a while I started to realise that a lot of business owners in this category have pretty similar wants and needs. With Joomla and SEBLOD, I had the tools to put together a web platform that could be customised to suit a business, but had all the tools they needed built in to perform well online.

So I teamed up with Marketing Guru Kevin Spiteri from Menace Group and put together a low-cost solution for this market, and it's been met with great response.

In our experience, our typical client looks like this:

  • They tried already to build a site themselves with either a cheap Wordpress template, a WIX site or something from Squarespace. They spent a bit of time on it and got frustrated that they couldn't get a good result.
  • They went to a web agency who over charged and under delivered when it came to service. They were then paying through the nose for any updates they wanted to make.
  • They just want a simple website with a clean layout, easy navigation and something they can keep up-to-date in house.
  • They want some training resources so that they can learn how to keep their site up to date themself.

With this type of client in mind, we created SmartSites Online, which is a service that provides a website platform that we customise to suit the look and feel of each individual business. We provide training videos as a resource so clients can refer back to them and teach themselves to keep their site up to date. We build a custom administration interface that makes all content admin tasks simple and enjoyable. Above all else, we offer multiple packages at very affordable prices and deliver excellent service.

For small startups, tradies, small businesses needing a professional website, not for profit organisation websites or anyone else who fits our client description above, look no further than SmartSites Online.

Visit the SmartSites Online website at