Community-backed SEBLOD Indiegogo Campaign

Community-backed SEBLOD Indiegogo Campaign

February 04, 2015

Ricco from the SEBLOD community has started a crowdfunding campaign to develop the functionality to delete file assets when a SEBLOD article is deleted

If your content types have image upload fields in SEBLOD, when a content item is deleted it leaves the files on your server. The only way to delete them is to do it manually which is a cumbersome workflow process.

Through a discussion on the SEBLOD community forums, Ricco has taken the initiative to crowdsource some funds to get this issue fixed so that assets are deleted at the time the article is deleted.

This is an exciting time for SEBLOD and the community to be able to drive feature development in this way. I look forward to many more initiatives like this!

Well done to Ricco and the rest of the community.

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